A weekend with friends at Le Rouge, a dream chalet in the French Alps

October 29, 2020
These aren’t times of travel and adventure. We’ve all had to change our lifestyle and stop catching planes every now and then. When I think that not so long ago, people in Switzerland used to hop on an EasyJet plane to go shopping in Barcelona, I realize that the health crisis doesn’t only have downsides.

Even so, the need for adventure is more present than ever and we try to satisfy it with little trips to places close to home.

I last went on one last weekend. Although it was difficult to organize because of the current situation, it’s been a boost of energy and friendship that will allow us to face what’s coming.

We stayed at the chalet Le Rouge from Emerald Stay, in Morzine, an hour and a half from Geneva. Morzine is a well-known ski resort in the Alps and at this time of the year the mountain is just one explosion of colors.

Normally we prefer staying at a hotel because we enjoy doing nothing when we’re away from home, but the chalet Le Rouge exceeded all our expectations. The place couldn’t be nicer. It’s decorated very tastefully, can accommodate up to 14 people with still plenty of space left (it boasts 250 square meters and six en-suite bedrooms) and has practically everything we like about hotels: bathroom amenities (by Nuxe, a brand I love), a spa and a lot of other services.

It was a very comfortable stay because we each had our own space and the common areas (living room, kitchen, children’s playroom) were great. Have a look at the photos I took, they say it all! You know I love interior photography, so imagine how much I enjoyed it there.

From Morzine there are a lot of nice excursions to do. We went on a three-kilometer-long walk on flat ground around lake Montriond. The kids easily followed the pace. The scenery is spectacular in autumn, although I imagine that it must be incredible with snow in winter and with flowers in summer too.

From there we also went to visit the “Cascades d’Ardent” waterfall and Les Lindarets, a village famous for its streets bustling with goats. Unfortunately, it was closed, but we’ll return next summer for the children.

I also look forward to a visit in winter. The chalet Le Rouge is located next to the ski slopes.

I hope that this post’s photos will treat you to a short mental escape and maybe allow you to plan a real one for when this nightmare is over. In any case, that’s the goal!.

The children are wearing Stadtlandkind clothes from the brands Weekend House Kids, The New Society and The Simple Folk, and shoes from the Swiss brand Benjie.


Beautiful pictures – inside and outdoors. Thank you for sharing this beautiful experience. Besos

Marta me encantaron las fotos y la historia. Fue fidedigna a lo que vivimos y disfrutamos ese fin de semana. Nada como una escapada a los Alpes y en buena compañía.
Gracias por tan linda experiencia
Un besote