Autumn in the Alps

October 30, 2019

In October, my family and I enter a tunnel from which we don’t come out of until Christmas. It’s a period of work overload with a lot of logistics to handle. With Philippe and me both working full time and me living far away from my family, wanting to combine university and photography, to enjoy our children, to see friends from time to time, to take care of the house, to practice sports – in short, to follow the crazy pace of the world we live in causes tensions that accumulate and we all get more and more tiered and irritable.

When this happens, the Alps are our best medicine. We are all happy there. There is nothing to distract us from each other. The children don’t ask for the TV. The grown-ups have nothing more to do than breathe, contemplate nature and live.

That’s what we did last weekend.

We ran through the woods.

We tried to walk on the trunk of a tree without losing our balance.

We threw pebbles into a river.

We climbed trees.

We looked for mushrooms.

We asked a neighbor if we could enter her garden to create a rainfall of leaves.

We explored Gryon’s alleyways.

We hugged each other.

We lived.

We breathed.


The children are wearing clothes from the Swiss online shop Young and Brave.


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