Baby steps: maternity session

January 18, 2017

I’m still taking baby steps on this blog and am wondering whether you really find these first photo sessions interesting to look at. On the one hand, I say to myself that if you’re around, it’s because you’re mainly interested in the pictures of my family and our life in Switzerland. But on the other hand, I believe that this project – my beginnings in the world of photography – is such an important part of my life at this stage that it wouldn’t feel right to ignore it on a personal blog of mine. Besides, I think that if you are reading this, you’ve been with me from the beginning, encouraging me to go for it (I’m thinking about my school friends), giving me self-confidence (with every single positive comment on my Instagram pictures) and teaching me (I’m talking about the photographers I had the chance to meet over the past few years and who have been so generous sharing their knowledge with me). For all these reasons, I want you to be with me at every stage of this adventure, wherever it takes me.

Sometimes I wonder why I chose this type of photography. I think the key moments of my family life (my pregnancies, giving birth to Inés and Théo, watching them grow up…) have been such intense experiences that photographing families is a way for me to relive them. This saves me from having to go through a few more pregnancies to live the same 😉

The family session I’m sharing today was very special for that reason. Just a few months after giving birth, it was a privilege to spend a few hours with this beautiful family and with Meital, the mom, who was going to give birth a month later. I also loved being able to talk about maternity (mine and hers), watch the excitement on the kids’ faces and feel the love they showed their mom who was expecting her… fourth child! Not to mention her husband’s care and tenderness

It was a challenging session for a beginner like me (large family, bad weather…) but also a very formative experience: a family session, a couple’s session and a maternity session all in one!

Here are some of the pictures I took. I will only say that I have rarely seen such a radiant pregnant woman a month before giving birth. I would really appreciate if you left me a message sharing your thoughts on the session.


A wonderful quality time during the family session thanks to an excellent photographer, Marta.
She gave us many ideas before the session about dressing, accessories and locations.
She was so patient, calm and nice.
We did some fun stuff with our family that’s worth recording and loved the amazing result.
Thank you so much Marta. We are definitely looking forward for our next session with our new baby born.

Dear Meital,

Thank you so much for your kind comment. It was a real pleasure to photograph your family.