Beautiful things: My baby favorites

March 22, 2017

After too many articles on photography and personal thoughts, today this is gonna be a post about beautiful things. From time to time, a good dose of consumerism doesn’t harm anyone, don’t you think 😉

When Inés was born, we had just moved to our house (which involved many expenses and a huge mortgage). Apart from some clothes, we had to buy absolutely everything because we couldn’t borrow much. I also didn’t want to become a consumerist mother who only buys things for her baby. For all these reasons, I controlled myself very much and refrained from buying ALL of the things. I’m serious (I can sense your scepticism from behind the screen).

But things have changed. When Théo arrived, we had absolutely everything we needed and we were even able to recycle a lot of Inés’ clothes (thank god, I didn’t buy everything in pink). So, this time, I really wanted to indulge and let myself be seduced by the great variety of beautiful items you can find in the wonderful world of baby goodies.

Today I’d like to show you some of those whims, the ones I haven’t regretted buying.

  1. A bassinet

This was one of the things I hesitated to buy when Inés was born and later on I regretted not having done so. We live in a house, so we spend the day going up and down the stairs. It’s impossible to move the crib up and down every time you need to put the baby to sleep.

This time I haven’t made the same mistake and it’s been very practical to have a bassinet. Théo can sleep anywhere in the house and it‘s easy to take it from one place to another.

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  1. A bouncer

This is another thing we didn’t buy for Inés. Now I wonder how we managed to survive without it. Someone lent us one for a few months, but we would have needed it from the beginning. The other thing that stopped me from buying one for Inés is that most of the bouncers on the market are of a style that, frankly, doesn’t fit my personal taste. When I discovered the brand Charlie Crane, I thought it was so beautiful, I didn’t think twice. It isn’t easy to find, but I got it in a store that I have fallen in love with. I’ll tell you more about it in the future, but for now I can already let you know that it is called Kids Love Design (even the name is great) and it has Nordic design items for kids (all the things I like!). The great thing about them is that they deliver all over Europe at reasonable prices. So far I could only find this type of things in Scandinavian stores and either they don’t deliver internationally or the shipment costs a fortune. For my Swiss-based friends, it’s also interesting to know that you can get a tax refund.

 %Site Name-%Image Name  %Site Name-%Image Name  %Site Name-%Image Name  %Site Name-%Image NameBrand: Charlie Crane, bought at Kids Love Design

  1. Baby parc

It seems nobody uses baby parcs anymore. Inés used to lay on the floor and that was it, but it wasn’t great for my back and, when she started walking, I had to be watching her all the time. It’s much more comfortable for my back to put Théo in the parc, which feels like a safer place for him when my daughter is around. Not that she’s going to do anything to him, but she often wants to take him in her arms as if she were a grown-up and she can’t take him from the parc 😉

  1. Sleeping bag and blankets

I wanted to buy new ones because the ones we had from when Inés was little were quite girly and not in such a good shape anymore. The ones you see in the pictures are from a Danish brand (of course!) that I love and that I also found at Kids Love Design. It’s called Cam Cam Copenhagen and I like it very much for their quality, the eco-friendly fabric and sustainable production. This was love at first sight.

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 %Site Name-%Image NameBrand: Cam Cam Copenhagen, bought at Kids Love Design

  1. Bugaboo canopy

This was clearly a whim because the initial canopy I bought, violet, was unisex (in fact, that’s why we bought it), but just by changing it, it feels like we have a new stroller, so it was worth the money. Besides, having kids is different each time around, so it feels good to reflect that in the things you surround yourself with. Even my preferences have changed in four years!

 %Site Name-%Image NameBrand: Bugaboo

  1. A bag

I fell in love with the Josefina bag from the moment I saw it on Instagram. When Inés was a baby, someone lent me one but I had to give it back, so this time around I had the perfect excuse to buy this wonderful bag. This is not a typical diaper bag, as it looks and feels like a proper handbag I’ll be able to use when the diapers time is over.

 %Site Name-%Image Name %Site Name-%Image NameBrand: Josefina

Let’s be honest: there’s much more that I have bought, but these are my favorites and I wanted to share them with you. I hope you like them!




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