Flower picking with Inés

May 16, 2017

Since we live in the countryside, I much more enjoy nature and the changing seasons. The funny thing is that nature’s always been present in my life: in my home village in Spain, in Geneva… But I didn’t see it before. At least, not as I see it now. Now I enjoy it with all my senses. I think this is mostly thanks to Inés. Through children’s eyes all seems new, even the tiniest detail that we overlook, like a small ant walking across the doorway or a poppy waving in the wind.

If it were up to Ines, we would never go home after day care. On our way we come across flower fields, cows and horses, and if she could Inés would stop every two minutes. Unfortunately, our many obligations don’t allow us to linger too long, slave of time as we are. But from time to time I take my camera when I go to pick her up and we stop anywhere she wants. We discover nature together and I take the opportunity to photograph her without her noticing.

One of the things I like most about Switzerland are its “self-service flower farms”. You can pick as many flowers as you want and leave the money in a box without anybody checking whether you’ve left the exact amount or taken flowers without paying for them. This country works so well thanks to the sense of collective consciousness of most of its citizens and the fact that people’s honesty encourages others to behave the same way. Obviously some people don’t respect the system, but I guess it’s a minority and I hope that minority doesn’t ruin everything.

With this post I just wanted to show you one of the self-service flower fields we have nearby. It’s neither big nor spectacular, but to have it so close to our home and to be able to cut our own bouquet is a real luxury for me. Inés loves flowers as much as I do. She always picks wild flowers when she goes for a walk and always wants to go to the florist with me.

The day I took these photos, we picked beautiful tulips and then stopped by one of the many rape fields near our home. When they bloom, we know spring is here.

I hope you like them! I encourage you to look around and enjoy nature as if you were looking at it through children’s eyes.


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