1. Grow the family
  2. Eat healthy
  3. Practice sports
  4. Make photo albums
  5. Paint the house

And the list never ends.

These are just a few examples of my last year’s list of resolutions. I still had it in my 2016 planner and I’ve put it as it was in the 2017 one. As you probably guessed, half of the resolutions remained unaccomplished.

During Christmas I was worried because I hadn’t written my list for 2017. I think I’m not the only one making lists even in restaurant paper napkins and the new year resolutions list is THE list. Actually, I read a couple of years ago that writing new year’s resolutions is therapeutic, beneficial for our mental health. You can then understand why I was so worried that the new year was here and my life lacked of resolutions.

Days passed, Christmas time came to an end, I’m not on a diet and I haven’t exercise yet. And, you know what? I feel good! I’m almost relieved!

These last days I’ve reached the conclusion that we set higher and higher standards for ourselves. We want to feel accomplished in our job, have a fulfilled family and marital life, spend quality time with our kids, be fit, have time for ourselves, go out with friends, meet interesting people, travel (with the family, just the couple and, if possible, with our friends), find our passion, enjoy it… This is actually what happens to me.

I end up with such a long list of resolutions or to-do’s that every time I look at it, I suffocate and quickly hide it again.

And the problem is not just the goals we set at the beginning of the year, but the ones we add through the months as we get distracted:

“I’ve seen on Instagram how beautiful houses with millions of plants look like. Shall I fill in my house with monsteras?”

“Large families are soooo cute. What if we have another baby?”

“There’s a new photography course which looks really good and everybody is doing. What if I enroll even if I have to look at it at night while I’m breastfeeding?”

I’m obviously exaggerating a little bit, but I really believe we try to do so many things in order to feel accomplished that we end up overwhelmed and frustrated because we didn’t accomplish half of our goals.

That’s the reason why this year I have decided not to fill in a list of resolutions. I’m sure that, even without a list, I’m going to self-inflict a few unachievable goals during the year. But, so far, I feel lightweight and happy not to have to go on a diet 😉

Happy new year!



Very true Marta what you wrote! I recognize myself in each single thing you mentioned 😉
Happy New Year with no resolution!
Sophie T.

Thank you so much for your comment, Sophie. I’m glad I’m not the only one having these crazy thoughts 😉