Lens & Sensibility’s first birthday: a year full of self-fulfillment, new encounters and lots and lots of photos

January 26, 2018

One of the best pieces of advice I got when I was thinking about opening a blog was: don’t do it for anybody, to get followers or become famous. Do it just for yourself.

The blogosphere is such a crazy world. There are more and more blogs and bloggers aspiring to live from their blog. I don’t blame them. It’s possible and totally legitimate, but if that’s the only reason you have to start a blog, I believe you’ll probably feel frustrated after a couple of months.

A year has passed since I wrote my first post, ‘Welcome’, and I couldn’t feel happier about everything the blog has given me: it has become a haven where I can express how I feel about what I live as a mother, a happy place where I keep a record of all our best family memories, our trips, the simple moments of everyday life, the people who inspire me and with whom I’ve shared experiences at some point and, above all, all the tiny steps I’ve taken as a photographer.

To be honest, I never thought I would have the opportunity to photograph so many families this year and that they would allow me to share the experience and their photos.

Alex and Barbara’s family was my first photo session just a few weeks after giving birth. I have very fond memories of that first session: the anxiety, the excitement and my smile leaving their home. I felt so fulfilled that it became clear that I had made the right decision to give family photography a try.

In December last year, I shared the Christmas mother and daughter session I did for Stephanie Duval and her beautiful daughter Juliet. Instagram and photography made our paths cross and now I can’t let too much time go by without having coffee with my inspiring neighbor.

That same month I wrote about my experience at the first Atelier Bistrot organized at the Empordà by Inés (@lespetiteschosesdudimanche). I met a group of extraordinary women that I love, with whom I have so much in common that they’ve become part of my life. From that workshop, I also came back with collaborations which have been very exciting: Olga (@cerrandoplano) shared her vision of photography on the blog and became a regular contributor. She started by introducing us to María Bringas (@pomelosylimones). Inés (@lespetiteschosesdudimanche) came to Switzerland a couple of months ago to run the second Atelier Bistrot surrounded by a wonderful group of instagramers who came on board as soon as I suggested the idea.

In January, I shared my (lack of) resolutions for 2017, a post that still applies to 2018; I showed you my first maternity session and posted a very personal text about my experience giving birth by c-section.

One of your favorite posts was Théo’s newborn session post, where I gave you a few tips about organizing your own newborn session. When I look at those pictures now I realize how much Théo has grown and that I was so crazy to do that after a c-section…

March and April were months during which I wrote a lot. I shared a very special place to brunch in Geneva, the Parc des Eaux-Vives; I posted Pablo’s newborn session photos and my dear cousin Virginia’s maternity session; I wrote a post about my favorite baby items; and I shared three posts on our trip to Florida when Théo was five months old.


After that time, I went back to work, which made it more challenging to find time to write. However, as this is not an obligation but just fun, it didn’t bother me much.

In May I walked you through the self-service flower fields we have in the region where we live and I wrote about my mentoring with Twyla Jones in Florida. I still can’t believe I had the chance to shoot photos of such a beautiful family on the most amazing beach with Twyla.

In June, I left my comfort zone doing a photo shooting of the Kids Love Design furniture shop. I took the opportunity to interview its owner, Lisa, a very inspiring mumpreneur. At about the same time, I stopped breastfeeding Théo and I took the opportunity to share my adventures and misadventures with breastfeeding.

After a well-deserved summer break, I came back to the blog in September with a very fun session with three pregnant friends at the lake. They wanted to keep memories of their three “bumps” together and it was really an enjoyable experience to photograph them.

At about the same time. I wrote about one of my summer projects: redecorating the kids room so that it became a truly shared room for a boy and a girl.

In September, I also shared one of the most special sessions of the year: Mirin’s (@mirinclos) family shooting at the Empordà. When I think about that day, I get really emotional.

I ended the month sharing one of the best breaks of the summer, when we visited my friend Petra in the Drôme region (France).

In October, I wrote about one of our favorite family traditions here in Switzerland: going to the garden center to buy flowers and vegetable plants for our little garden.

I also showed you the Smash the cake session we organized for Théo’s first birthday (such a mess with cake everywhere but so much fun) and Isabelle and Angélique’s mum and daughter session in the woods.

In November, I introduced to you another friend and entrepreneur who inspires me a lot: Melitta Campbell, and Olga featured María Bringas (@pomelosylimones) photography.

The last post of the year was dedicated to the things I planned to do during the Christmas holiday in Spain and I must say I did most of them despite a rather messy break.

This is a summary of Lens and Sensibility’s first year. If days lasted 48 hours and I were a superwoman, I would have written more, shared more personal thoughts and many more photos, from my family and from other beautiful families I got to shoot.

Despite that, I’m thrilled that I’ve managed to make this small piece of the blogosphere my own and, more importantly, that you’re here, reading me, sharing with me and supporting me. Thank you from all my heart.