Living with the enemy

September 14, 2018

Let me be honest: I’m at war with toys. They’ve been my main enemy for the last 5 years and I had no other choice than to yield to the evidence: I’ll have to live with the enemy for many more years to come.

Because of this sad reality, I’ve been trying to find a solution so that we annoy each other as little as possible, but it’s not easy. First, I secluded the toys in the kids’ room, but it turns out that our cute children don’t like playing in their room. They want to be where we are. That’s why I moved my enemies to the living-room but in less than two weeks’ time they had invaded all our vital space and were everywhere: on the floor, on the sofa… Wherever you wanted to walk, a toy would make you trip.

Eventually, we had to resort to another solution to prevent serious injuries: we had no choice but to give the toys a room. In other words, to create the currently very fashionable «playroom».

I mean «give» them a room in the metaphorical sense of the word of course. Although we live in quite a big house, we don’t actually have a room we could dedicate exclusively to toys. They share one with me (as I work there) and guests (as it’s our guest room). Each one of us can use it at different times of the day.

This is what we’ve been doing for a while but the truth is that chaos reigns in that shared room. It’s far from being feng shui and it’s hard for me to work there in peace and harmony.

That’s why this summer I decided to act and to ask for help from the girls at the wonderful Swiss shop @mylittleroom.

Some of the gorgeous items that came into our lives from their beautiful shop are: the new Elephant table and chairs, from Elements Optimal, the Ooh Noo’s Toy chest on wheels, the Rock & Pebble apple doll house, the Banwood balance bike and the king of toys, the Flexa workbench and all its tools. As you can see, I ended up bringing more enemies home but they are so cute and now so tidy in our playroom that our little (wild) children are thrilled. They’ve even started helping me tidy up the room! Now I just hope to keep the enemy at bay for a long time…



[…] bought this workbench a couple of years ago when I decorated our playroom and it is the favorite toy of all the children who come home to play with Inés and […]

What a beautiful room to spend many hours playing! I hope they continue helping you tidy up the enemies!!

That will be the hard part to get. Thank you very much, Krintin!