Our Spring walks

April 20, 2020

I’ve always been someone who suffers and enjoy things equally. It’s becoming increasingly clear to me that I could be diagnosed as a highly sensitive person and that, although this has a few inconvenients, it also makes me who I am: someone very excited about the little things and someone who lives everything with great intensity. These days of semi-confinement that we are living in Switzerland confirm to me that I don’t need much to be happy: inner peace, my family and nature. Every walk with my children discovering the corners of our beautiful region is a gift, it fills my soul and makes me happy, really. I am aware that we are privileged to be able to go out at least once in a while and not to expose ourselves too much when we do so as we live in the countryside. Every time we go for a walk, I remember all of you who live in strict confinement, like my family, my friends and those who read me in Spain, Italy or even Argentina or Uruguay. That’s why I felt like writing this post to send you a little piece of Swiss nature. I’m sure we’ll soon be able to hug again and enjoy Spring, but until then, here are some pictures of two walks we have taken these days. I hope you like them and that the therapeutic power of flowers works.

Clothes from Swiss brand Lasticot