Redecorating the kids’ shared bedroom

September 20, 2021

Just before the holidays, when the garden was full to bursting with flowers, I decided to redecorate the kids’ room. I didn’t make any drastic changes or spend an exorbitant amount of money. It only took a few small touches to the bedding, a new reading corner and a few other changes to transform it into a different room that the kids loved. For a brief moment I dreamed it would remain tidy.

I really wanted to embark onto this small decoration project because no room in the house makes me happier than this one and very soon the children will no longer sleep in it together. They’re growing up, they have very different sleep rhythms and they’ve asked us to each have their own room. Despite the inevitable nostalgia, I’m very happy they‘ve been able to share this bedroom for five years. I’ve always loved decorating it so that it would be a no gender room in which they could be themselves and feel at ease with each other. And it’s full of so many memories in the form of photos that it’ll always be a special room: the one Inés and Théo shared when they were young.

All the new elements in the room are from My Little Room. You know I love their selection of furniture, decoration and toys, so that’s where I usually go for these items.

Here are the changes I have made:

Buy new bedding. It seems like a detail but nice sheets totally change the look of a room. I chose two different sets of bed linen from the brand Garbo & Friends. I love their designs and the fact that they’re different on Inés’ and Théo’s beds adds variety to the room.

Add a reading corner with the mattresses and cushions from Nobodinoz, and the flower wall stickers from Lilipinso. I’m completely in love with this corner. In fact, you’ll see that I decorated it in two different ways: with the reading corner and with the dolls’ house from Plantoys. The reason being that during the summer the reading corner was moved around the house and even put in the garden at one point.

Hang up the round bookshelf from Ferm Living and use Inés’ beautiful wicker baskets all over the room. They’re so pretty and give such a retro feel to the room that you can never have enough of them.

Buy a new rug (from the Camcam Copenhague brand). Rugs are also a great way to dress up a room and they can be moved around so you don’t get bored visually.

Take out the nicest toys (the wooden ones, like the ones we still have from Petit Stellou) and hide the ugly plastic ones in the Ikea wicker cupboard (which you find in every house). I’m not going to deprive my children of the toys I don’t like, but at least I keep them tidy in boxes so that they don’t hurt my eyes with their strident colours.

Fill the room with flowers. It rarely occurs to us to put flowers in children’s rooms but the truth is flowers look great in any space. I put several vases of flowers on the shelves and hung two peonies from the ceramic globes on the wall.

What do you think of the room? Do you like it? Please send me any suggestion you may have as long as Inés and Théo still share a room!