Going downtown on December 23 and sweating to make your way through the human tide to the toy store. Does it ring the bell? I have a bit of experience in the matter, but this year I decided to be Santa’s most efficient assistant and I have everything under control for Christmas.

The letter to Santa Claus is short: a toy for each kid. I have chosen quality rather than quantity. And quality means buying responsibly, opting for sustainable, wooden, lasting toys.

Here’s a toys selection that might give you ideas if your kids are about to write to Santa Claus. First I’ll show you what I have chosen for my kids, and then I’ll show you a couple of toys that we already have and have been a success because the kids love them and use them on a daily basis. I also leave a couple of toys ideas for next birthdays or Christmas. I usually buy everything online and I think you know I’m a regular at My Little Room. I really like their selection, how it’s organized by age and the fact that they also opt for ecoresponsible products.

Plantoys Victorian Doll House

Frankly, it’s a dream to have this dollhouse at home! I built it one day that I was alone (because I want to put it under the tree already assembled) and I couldn’t help styling it and taking some pictures before hiding it again. It’s really beautiful.

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Plantoys fire truck, special edition

Without knowing it, this brand has become one of my favorites and Théo is going to love this really large fire truck.

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Flexa workbench

I bought this workbench a couple of years ago when I decorated our playroom and it is the favorite toy of all the children who come home to play with Inés and Théo.

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One of the toys I first bought for Inés when they were so fashionable on instagram. We keep taking it out very often and it has the advantage that we can easily move it around the house. Ours is from Zara Home, but now there are beautiful models, like the one I photographed in My Little Room for their Christmas campaign last year.

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 %Site Name-%Image NameSee-Ya suitcase

Apart from their practical side when we go on a trip, children use them a lot to play, storage toys… And it’s a very nice decorative element.

 %Site Name-%Image NameBrio collection of trains, cars and roads

Théo’s godmother Leti started to offer him some pieces of this Brio collection and we love them. It’s also great to be able to expand the collection and build bigger and bigger roads.

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Bamboo toothbrushes The Bam&Boo

I discovered this ecoresponsible brand recently, I tried it and I fell in love. They have very nice packs to offer for Christmas. They even have a pack for the whole family.

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Stuffed animals

You can’t make Inés happier with anything. She has many of them and keeps asking for more. We love the Jellycat brand very much. %Site Name-%Image Name

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Minikane dolls

I am trying very hard not to buy one right now. I’m so in love with these dolls.

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Numero 74 costumes

There are very nice for both girls and boys and, guess what, I could take lots of pictures of the kids wearing them 😉

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I hope you find these ideas useful and that you will enjoy your little ones’ happy faces when they discover their Christmas presents. Happy holidays for all of you and thanks for reading me!