The Swiss edition of the Atelier Bistrot

September 23, 2018

«The next Atelier Bistrot should be organized in Switzerland». That’s how I said good bye to Inés (@lespetiteschosesdudimanche) in Empordà after attending her first culinary photography workshop. It could have been one of those comments you make just like that and which you forget as soon as you leave the place, but it wasn’t.

The Swiss edition of the Atelier Bistrot wasn’t organized overnight: I needed to find other photography lovers like me in Switzerland (I did); find a date which worked for everyone (as some of the attendees were going to travel); bring Inés from Barcelona with all of her savoir-faire, the props and even some Spanish food; manage logistics (not only the workshop’s logistics but also the ingredients for Inés’ yummy menu, the decoration, the kids, etc.); find a photographer (we wouldn’t have time for that and it was absolutely necessary to have someone making memories of that day)… In short, make the crazy dream come true.

And we made it happen, we enjoyed it, we shared more than I could possibly have imagined: we created a community and brought the Atelier to Switzerland.

I think the images show how much we enjoyed it, so I’ll leave you with the photos taken by Olga, @cerrandoplano, who didn’t hesitate a second to jump on a plane with all her family to come and join us that day. Thank you, Olga, for your beautiful photos; thank you, Gemma (@enesimaphotography), Carmen (@enmodoswiss), Irene (@irenericart), Carolina (@loveeatcook), Maribel (@mdadasilva), Liliana (@liligeneva), Paloma ( and Isabel (@isahoudiphoto), because without you all this wouldn’t have been possible; thanks, Carla (@latortuguitablanca), for the stationary, thanks @olideventallo for the delicious olive oil and thank you a hundred times, Inés, for coming and sharing everything you know with so much generosity.

* It seems there’ll be a new edition of the Atelier soon. Don’t miss it!