The luxury of picking apples

September 19, 2020

If there’s something I like about Switzerland it’s how easy it is to live in contact with nature and enjoy each season as the cherry, apricot and apple trees succeed one another.

Every walk in the fields near our home is an adventure for the kids and a peaceful break for us, who spend most of our time running around.

Add to this the possibility to go and pick your own fruit in the field where it grows, eating fruit that comes directly from the grower, and the experience becomes a real luxury. Many are the farms in the region that have set up a self-service system of picking apples, pumpkins, strawberries, and even flowers, as I had already mentioned in this post.

A few days ago we were picking apples with the children at Collex-Bossy. If you’ve never done it and you have the opportunity, I encourage you to go with the kids.

For those of you who live in Switzerland, here’s a series of websites which gather farms whre you can go: (website where you can find fruits and vegetables per month and where to go to get them). (self-service places in the canton of Geneva). (farm in Tannay, I haven’t been there, but it has been highly recommended by my friends). (a whole institution in the area) (farm ideas for picking fruit and vegetables all over Switzerland).

And, while the children were picking apples, I was documenting the moment. So that, when they grow up, they’ll have memories of their childhood around the Swiss fields.

The children wear clothes from the Nordic brand Minimalisma.