About friendship

September 22, 2017

Girlfriends. The ones who know you so well that it’s scary. The ones who saw you grow up, walked with you to school every day or came into your life later, in a university amphitheater. The ones you can talk to for hours and, when you come home, you need to call because you forgot to tell them something…

Girlfriends. The ones who climb up the mountain next to your house at midnight to sing Happy Birthday. The ones who break their piggy bank to buy you new glasses when you break yours so that your parents don’t get mad at you. The ones with whom you live your first adventures and parties, share your first crushes and go on school trips. Those with whom you also fight, but only to end up even closer.

Girlfriends. The ones who are there in good times and bad and take a plane to come and visit when there’s something to celebrate. Those to whom you wrote long letters at first, then e-mails and now WhatsApps. The ones you admire and who motivate you to better yourself.

Girlfriends. Lifelong friends, but also new ones you met as a grown-up, sparking the enthusiasm of a new friendship. Those who share your passions, similar experiences or simply are by your side at a moment in time.

When Alice, Cécile and Nadine asked me to do a maternity session of the three of them together, all these thoughts came to my mind. Girlfriends. The three of them pregnant at the same time and willing to save memories of such a special moment. I remembered my friends, I thought that these three girls were really lucky to be pregnant at the same time and to share such a special moment. I felt really fortunate to be able to spend some time with them, getting to know them in order to immortalize their friendship and the joy they exuded. I think there’s no need to write more. The photos speak for themselves.