Isabelle and Angélique: mother and daughter session

October 18, 2017

I think mother and daughter sessions are the ones which move me most. I guess this is because of my personal situation (being a daughter as well as a mom) and because I feel every gesture, every sign of affection and every glance of complicity I capture with my camera.

It seems that the relationship between a mother and her daughter isn’t always easy, but I believe nobody knows you, nobody gets to understand you and nobody will be there for you as a mother will.

I’ve known Isabelle and Angélique for ten years already, since Angélique was a child, and I’ve witnessed the special relationship they have built since I met them. Our session in the woods was an amazing moment and I’m thrilled they accepted I posted some of the photos I took.

It was the first time I photographed a teenager and to me the most important thing was to get her to feel comfortable enough to forget me and my camera, so that I could capture moments of true emotion between them. The rest was on my side: both are gorgeous, the place was idyllic and the light was awesome.

Here are some of the photos, which I hope will make you feel what I feel. Don’t forget to hug your own mom and daughter as often as you can.