Meet Lisa from Kids Love Design

June 28, 2017

 %Site Name-%Image NameI remember as if it were yesterday the first time a friend of mine told me about this amazing shop across the border, in Divonne, 5 minutes from home. She said they had the most amazing design products for kids, from furniture to toys. I think it took me a week to go and see for myself. ‘Hyperventilate’ is one of those trendy words I learnt thanks to Instagram and it perfectly describes what I felt when I entered the shop: I couldn’t believe my eyes! There was EVERYTHING a mum could dream of: design cribs, beautiful lamps and carpets, the most amazing toys and, above all, Nordic design! I’ve been a Kids Love Design client for a while, but I became an especially good one when I was pregnant with Théo. As I shared on a previous post, I really wanted to buy some beautiful items for him because he was going to inherit most of his sister’s baby gear and he deserved some items of his own. During one of my multiple visits to Kids Love Design, I met her gorgeous owner, Lisa. She speaks Spanish, as her mum is from Uruguay, so we got along very well from the start. As we chatted, we realized we had a lot in common, we were both full of projects and new ideas, we were both mums with young kids and we had common friends, my neighbors bloggers Stephanie Duval and Nienke Muller! Such a tiny world!

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We decided to discuss more over lunch and the four of us met up. We felt so much energy and connection and had so much fun that it was clear to us that we had to do our best to work together should the occasion arise.

Imagine my excitement when some time later Lisa asked me to do a photo shooting of her shop! It was a fantastic experience but also a challenge for me to explore something different to family photography. And, as I said before, her shop makes me hyperventilate… So I seized the opportunity and asked Nienke, an amazing interior design expert, to help me to style the shooting. It was the perfect chance to support each other and work together.

On this post, I wanted to show you some of the photos I took of Kids Love Design. I also asked Lisa to answer a few questions about her. I find it fascinating to learn more about entrepreneurial mums who believe in their dreams and build their own businesses while at the same time raising a family. I believe running your own business while your kids are young is such a challenging and rewarding experience that I wanted you to get to know not only Kids Love Design but also the woman behind it.

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Lisa, could you introduce yourself?

I was born in Switzerland but I’m a real melting pot. My mum comes from Uruguay and my dad from Italy, which means I grew up between several cultures and have always travelled a lot to visit my family.

I studied Business and Marketing. I lived in London for two years and then worked for an international company based in Geneva for more than 8 years in Marketing and Project management.

I got married in 2014 to the love of my life: Benjamin. I love travelling, my family, my friends and discovering new places and people. And, of course, laughing and playing with my little boy: Jérémie.

For a few years, I’d wished to run my own business, but I couldn’t stick to one idea, one project. It was a while after getting married that it became clear to me: I’d had enough of business trips, endless meetings and overtime hours. That’s when the opportunity arose and I bought Kids Love Design. I got started on this new adventure when Jérémie was 3 months old. Can you imagine? Motherhood gave me wings.

This opportunity was a real combination of what I’ve always loved: interior design, fashion, inspirations and challenges.

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What’s a typical day for you?

My little boy usually wakes me up at 6:30 am (I know… so early!) and I always start my day playing and sometimes dancing with him. I prepare breakfast for the family and we try to share that special moment together before the crazy day starts. When I arrive at the shop the first thing I do is drink my must-have coffee and, after that, work starts: I read my emails, deal with emergencies and orders, advise my clients, everything that running my business involves…

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What inspires you?

My schedule is crazy but I always try to find some time to check Instagram and find out about new products and trends. Instagram and my favorite bloggers are a big source of inspiration.

I’m also inspired by beautiful products, interior design, photography, travel and places; and, on top of all, people that are passionate about what they do… people who are real and authentic!


How do you see yourself as a mom?

I think I’m a real mother hen, I want to show Jérémie the entire world and teach him everything. I love being silly with him and make him laugh. When he laughs, looks at me and calls me “Mama”, I’m the happiest mum on earth. I love being everything to him.

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How did your life change since you’re a mum?

My son became my top priority. I’m always thinking about him and worry when he’s not well. At the same time, it’s so much love. Obviously, my nights are shorter, I’m tired most of the time and feel overwhelmed sometimes. But being a mom is so fulfilling and makes me so happy. It also helps me to remember the importance of not getting drowned in work too much. Actually, Jérémie reminds me that life is about family, love and real things.


What’s your favorite item of decoration?

So difficult to choose! There are many but if I had to choose one, I’d pick the Mathieu Challières’ aviary lamp which is a timeless piece of decoration and can be used for adults or kids’ interiors. It brings a poetic and original touch to any home.

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What are your plans for the future?

I’d love to develop my own brand and explore my creativity. And, of course, to have at least another child so that Jérémie can have a little brother or sister to play with.

What are the ideas you’d like to develop for Kids Love Design?

I’d love people to get inspired by Kids Love Design. I’d like to make them dream, not only by offering them products but also, and more importantly, by imagining their home with them: creating a beautiful room or a practical and user-friendly space to play which both children and parents would like…

We really try to understand our clients’ needs to help them create the most appropriate space for them and their kids.

We always do our best to offer the latest trends. We plan to introduce exclusive collections for our customers by collaborating with our favorite brands.

Another idea which is dear to me is to create a community and make it grow by offering lifestyle events. I want Kids Love Design to be closer to moms and dads and not only be product-oriented. I also want to expand our adult collection!

And the biggest project for Kids Love Design is to find a place big enough to open a welcoming Concept Store with a coffee shop corner, offer interior products for the whole house and host our events.

As you can see, I’m full of ideas and so excited to get the chance to make them real!

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