The Traveling Dress by Carla Monge

March 15, 2020

You just have to look at how much Carla’s baby has grown up to see how long it has taken me to post this. Yes, life goes by so quickly that I often find it hard keeping up with it. But I promised myself that this space would not be one of running, that the articles would not become just another obligation, and I would savour them and enjoy them as a breath of inspiration and beauty. I hope I can convey that same feeling to you and today, with Carla’s photos for the traveling dress project, I am convinced that I will.

I have virtually known Carla for many years. She had been a photographer for about a year when I was starting to think about doing the same thing, and she is one of the few people with whom I shared the whole process, talking openly, with generosity and with a sincere desire to help each other. I remember very fondly those months when we talked about rates, marketing, how to make yourself known, etc. In fact, there is nothing that I appreciate more about a person than his or her generosity in situations where rivalry could be the norm.

But all this is not the main reason why Carla is part of the traveling dress project. The main reason is how much I admire her work and her vision. Thank you very much, Carla, for agreeing to join the project. I will leave you to her photos and her explanation of how she approached the session:

“It was an honor to collaborate with Marta and the other photographers on this project. The truth is that I didn’t feel well during most of my pregnancy and taking the photos with the white dress was a very good motivation to finally get in front of the camera and save some memories of my third pregnancy along with my other children. In the self-portrait sessions, I always try to talk a lot with my children and have them remember it as a good time spent with me, regardless of the result. In this case, we talked a lot about what they would be like as older siblings, how they would help me take care of the baby, what things they would teach him as they grew up, all while dancing and playing. This way, we kept very good memories of these photos together.”



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