The Traveling Dress Project by Inés

May 26, 2019

I’m showing you the results of this project little by little, because such beautiful projects, especially when they are shared with other amazing people, have to be savored.

For those of you who don’t remember or if you’re new around here, some time ago I launched the traveling dress project, which I introduced in this post. From Switzerland, the dress travelled to Asturias, to Bea’s house, then to the Empordà, to Mirin’s house, and stayed a little bit more on Catalan soil, at Inés’s house.

I don’t think it’s necessary to present her to you anymore. I have already written about her a couple of times in this blog and I feel so lucky she’s my friend. Inés’ art as a photographer is unquestionable, but I was especially excited that she was getting out of her comfort zone to materialize her vision of the traveling dress.

This is how Inés explains the concept of the session:

“When Marta suggested me to collaborate in this project, the first thing I thought was that I wasn’t able to do it. I had never done a session like this before. But little by little, I got more and more excited about the idea.

From the beginning my idea was to represent a story, something ethereal. I also wanted to bring to this session my style in food photography.

The truth is that I loved the experience. Both @mirinclos, @elnafransoy and @dye_and_dry made it very easy”.

I leave you to the photos now, which I’m sure you’ll love, and see you around for the next photographer who will photograph the traveling dress.