The Traveling Dress project: Mirin

February 13, 2019

Today I’m coming back to the blog with a new episode of our The Traveling Dress project and I’m introducing the next photographer I had the honor to have on board.

I met Mirin at the Petit Atelier Bistrot organized by Inés (@lespetiteschosesdudimanche) at the Empordà, I photographed her family a year later, they came to Switzerland to visit us that summer and now I dare to say she’s one of my favorite persons I met thanks to Instagram.

Mirin has an amazing sensibility which is reflected in her pictures and her texts – I just love them! It’s such a pleasure she joined the project.

This is how she describes her dress session:

«When I started thinking about the dress session, I decided to edit it all in black and white. For me the white dress symbolizes purity, kindness and beauty, but everything has a darker side, which made me decide to go ahead with b&w and to shoot the session in a forest at midday. I wanted harsh light and harsh shadows on my model’s face as they represent the world’s duality, the ying and yang, light and shadows. For me this is the definition of humanity, of each one of us and, of course, photography».

I’ll leave you with Mirin and Mae, her beautiful model, and hope you like the photos as much as I do. Looking forward to introducing you to the project’s next photographer soon!